Aromatic Tools

A set of therapeutic tools made with plant extractions for on the go, and at home. 

We all need support right now - Aromatherapy for mental well being, healing balms for chaffed skin, and an uplifting moisturizing essential oil sanitizer with germ killing properties.

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PILLOW TALK - Vetiver & Floral, Linen & Room Mist

A fresh lighter version of vetiver, wonderfully grounding and comforting, made with the distillates of vetiver and jasmine waters from India, with a hint of tuberose. Mist on your pillow before sleep or naps, refresh a room by misting into the air, and...
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SANITY-IZE hand spray - 50ml

SANITY-IZE hand spray Using essential oils known for their antibacterial, antiviral, immune boosting, and calming properties, SANITY-IZE hand spray contains 70% germ zapping Organic 190 proof grain alcohol, and vitamin E and coconut oil, to prevent your...