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SWEETHEART CEDAR - Enfleurage Body Oil 100 ml

Applying the laborious 2,000 year old art of enfleurage, Sweetheart Cedar offers the comforting gourmand scent of real vanilla beans, by infusing vanilla seeds and pods into a base of moisturizing jojoba oil. I've added wood notes using a variety of...
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VETIVER HALMADDI ARTISAN INCENSE A champa type incense stick highlighting vetiver, made with halmaddi resin, sandalwood, jaggery, essential oils, fragrance, and more. Incense sticks are housed in reusable glass test tubes with a cork top that can be...
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WHITE ASH White ash is especially beneficial when you don't want to lose precious incense material. Fire needs oxygen, and unlike sand or a flat dish, oxygen has the ability to circulate in ash. Incense you burn in ash will burn...