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Working from a set of botanical chords and single notes I created, we open your olfactory awareness and identify what appeals to you. We smell a variety of oils along with trial skin application. With my background in aromatherapy, we talk about therapeutic aspects, scent intentions, and different modes of application. The goal is to find your synergistic formula.

The process takes up to an hour and a half, and at the end of the session you will leave with your own personal fragrance. I keep the formula on file for future refills. This is an in-studio experience only.

 Wearing a fragrance made just for you is a genuinely satisfying and empowering experience. 

 A note from Persephenie: Scent is personal and communicative. From my years of developing fragrance, two people who enjoy the same music, aesthetics, and food, don’t necessarily want to wear the same same scent. Scent is subjective, quietly tapping into one's memory, mood, emotions, behavior, and identity.

To book an appointment, please contact me at info@persephenie

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