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The ATATAKAI NERIKOH GOLD FLOWER PASTILLES is my interpretation of Japanese Nerikoh.

Fermented flower pastilles made with finely ground bits of wood, spices, and herbs, pounded into a goo of wild honey, resin, and umeboshi plum.

It is the most labor intensive incense I make, and maybe the most beautiful.

 Incorporating agarwood, sandalwood, and other botanical materials, ATATAKAI is refined, comforting, and so very lovely.

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The plum used for the ATATAKAI grows at a Southern California farm specializing in Japanese produce.

The harvesting, fermenting, and aging is by my friend who creates artisanal food in Los Angeles.

Atatakai means warm in Japanese, and ATATAKAI is incense meant to be warmed, not burned.

With warmth comes delicate nuances and details distinctively unique in incense thats heated.

Warming incense is a completely different intimate practice and encounter, than burning incense.

Nerikoh is traditionally used during winter with tea ceremony, but I love it all times of the year.

The ATATAKAI GOLD FLOWER PASTILLES are larger than traditional nerikoh, so their scent may fill a small room.

DIRECTIONS: Press one flower pastille between your fingers into a small flattened pancake. Gently rest the flattened Nerikoh on your mica plate, or incense warmer.

The idea is to heat as much surface as possible.

Each jar contains 9 Flower Pastilles

Made at Persephenie's Studio