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The Sandalwood Halmaddi is a champa type Indian incense, using a traditional base of Sandalwood, Champaka Flower, and Halmaddi, a rare aromatic resin. Halmaddi acts as a humectant and binder, sealing in aroma so the sticks don’t dry out or lose their scent intensity.
First a dough is slowly cooked with the traditional base of Sandalwood, Champaka, and Halmaddi, adding herbs, fragrance, essential oils, jaggery, and honey. After the dough has stewed, the warm clay is hand rolled individually onto bamboo sticks, and then rolled over sandalwood powder.
The Sandalwood Halmaddi is made by a fourth generation family of incense makers in South India.  

Incense sticks are housed in reusable glass test tubes with a cork top that can be washed and re-used after you've burned all your sticks.

One glass tube contains ten 9-inch sticks, burning for up to one hour each. The SANDALWOOD HALMDDI INCENSE sticks can be snuffed out partial-way, and relit as needed.

Hand-made by friends of Persephenie in India with proprietary perfume.