HOJARI FRANKINCENSE - Royal & Yellow 2 oz


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HOJARI FRANKINCENSE - Royal & Yellow 2 oz

Known as the best frankincense in the world, Hojari frankincense Boswellia sacra comes from the Eastern part of Dhofar, Oman. Rumor has it that Omani frankincense is the best because the Omani people take care of their trees. Grading is done by separating tears by color, clarity, and size, and categorizing accordingly. 

This a medley of Hojari tears; a mixture of small, large, milky superior, yellow, and sometimes green. Do the the different grades of Hojari smell different when heated? If they do I can't tell. 

To get frankincense tears, incisions are made into the bark of the trunk and branches of the tree. To heal and protect it's wounds from insects, bacteria, and outside elements, the frankincense tree exudes it's personal healing gum resin. When this resin hardens, it's removed. The trees are sometimes scraped up to three times, with the third tier of scraping producing the best resin. It's said with repetitive lesions, the frankincense tree produces tears of a higher quality. 

Frankincense tears are partially water soluble, and partially alcohol soluble, and in the Middle East a frankincense elixir tea is made with water. Traditionally the green Hojari tears are reserved for medicine and therapeutics. I have made an elixir from this medley with great satisfaction. My recipe:

  • Take a full heaping teaspoon of frankincense tears.
  • Quickly rinse, shake excess water off, freeze, and then grind in a mortar and pestle while still cold.
  • Add your powder to a heat -proof container, pour two cups of hot water over your powder, and let sit over night.
  • The next morning shake your cloudy frankincense elixir and it's ready to drink. What you don't drink put in the refrigerator.
  • Consume within a couple of days.

Disclaimer: Please consume at your own risk! Although the frankincense elixir is an age old tradition, you know your body best. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or practitioner.