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CHARCOAL SQUARES Use charcoal to burn loose incense, herbs, and spices, or use with a mica plate to heat incense. This scentless charcoal does not contain salt peter, and will not spark when lighting. Heat over a flame to ignite, and enjoy the support...
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HOJARI FRANKINCENSE - Royal & Yellow 2 oz

HOJARI FRANKINCENSE - Royal & Yellow 2 oz Known as the best frankincense in the world, Hojari frankincense Boswellia sacra comes from the Eastern part of Dhofar, Oman. Rumor has it that Omani frankincense is the best because the Omani people take...
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WHITE ASH White ash is especially beneficial when you don't want to lose precious incense material. Fire needs oxygen, and unlike sand or a flat dish, oxygen has the ability to circulate in ash. Incense you burn in ash will burn...