SANDALWOOD, HAWAIIAN VANILLA INFUSED - Concentrated Aromatherapy Natural Perfume - 4 ml


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VANILLA INFUSED TROPICAL HAWAIIAN SANDALWOOD - Concentrated Aromatherapy Natural Perfume

Pure and undiluted Hawaiian Sandalwood that I infused with cured vanilla seeds and age to perfection.

There are 18 grades of sandalwood oil, ranging from the heartwood, chips, and dust. These grades refer to the part of the tree that was distilled, rather than the quality of the oil.  The heartwood and large roots of the sandalwood tree are distilled to make a high quality essential oil. It’s only after thirty years of maturity that the sandalwood tree produces a superior oil. 

The traditional name for sandalwood is “iliahi” in Hawaii where indigenous sandalwood trees once grew abundantly wild. The trade for Sandalwood began in the late 1700’s and lasted until 1830 when trade collapsed from mismanagement and pillaging. Difficult to access and hidden away trees were saved. Over the last couple of decades as part of a re-forest sustainability project, sandalwood trees have been re-introduced to land once used for farm grazing. 

This outstanding vanilla infused sandalwood offers a high amount of alpha and beta sandalols, the chemical components that give the Tropical Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood significant therapeutic value. Beautiful and long lasting on the skin.

4 ml