ROSE BAKHOOR Artisanal Eau de Parfum

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A rosy ambrosial Eau de Parfum inspired by traditional Middle Eastern sugar Bakhoor incense.

ROSE BAKHOOR offers luscious notes of Candied Rose petals from Egypt, Tuberose, Fig, Gardenia, and Vanilla.

Grounding earthy and wood notes include Vintage Dark Patchouli, Aged Spikenard, freshly brewed Coffee, Ambergris, and Agarwood incense chips.

Spices included Cassia, Sweet Basil, and Clove.

Persephenie's Artisanal Eau de Parfum's are a blend of natural essential oils and absolutes, combined with minimal high quality fragrance notes.

ROSE BAKHOOR is an oil and sugar spirits perfume, containing a generous ratio of botanical aromatics.

The nut base oil is Organic unscented fractionated coconut oil, and the alcohol is from Organic sugar spirits produced in the US.

9 ml Atomizer