RUH PARFUM Concentrated Natural Oudh Parfum


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A Concentrated Natural Oudh Parfum

 A vibrant authentic Oudh parfum, rich in euphoric florals, meaningful woods, and old world aromatics. 

Euphoric Florals: Saffron, Jui (ଯୁଇ, জুই) Jasmine, Blue Lotus, Neroli, Tuberose and Kewda

Deep Woods and Old World Aromatics: Oudh from Bhutan, Cambodian Oudh, Assam Oudh, Aged Spikenard, Black Fossilized Amber, Cedarwood, Labdanum, Choya Loban, and Operculum Shell

Powerful and Transportive, made in very small batches due to some of the limited available materials.

RUH is an oil and grain spirits perfume, containing a generous ratio of aromatics.

The nut base oil is Organic unscented fractionated coconut oil. 

 Organic grain spirits is used as a tool for some of the raw materials incorporated into RUH.

 RUH PARFUM lasts on the skin.

50 ml Spray Atomizer