SANDALWOOD 1971 ARTISANAL Artisanal Eau de Parfum

SANDALWOOD 1971 EDP Required

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Artisanal Eau de Parfum

A nod to sexy 70's laid back California of individuality, experimentation, love, and music.

SANDALWOOD 1971 contains notes of Rosewood, Lavender, Gardenia, and Jasmine, balanced in a base of Cedarwood, Teak, Benzoin, Vanilla, and Ambroxan. At the heart of all is a boozy dose of creamy Sandalwood. 

 Persephenie's Artisanal Eau de Parfum's are a blend of natural essential oils and absolutes, combined with high quality fragrance notes.

SANDALWOOD 1971 is an oil and grain spirits perfume, containing a generous ratio of botanical aromatics.

The nut base oil is Organic unscented fractionated coconut oil, and the alcohol is from Organic spirits is produced in the US.

50 ml Spray Atomizer or 9 ml Roll-On