SANDALWOOD, ETHICAL MYSORE Concentrated Aromatherapy Roll-On Natural Perfume


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Ethical Mysore Sandalwood (Santalum Album)

A Pure, Undiluted, and Concentrated Roll-On Natural Parfum

As the situation for Indian Sandalwood gets worse, with over and early harvesting, high global demand, and illegal trade, Sandalwood is an essential oil that's hard to come by ethically. It's a special treat to be able to offer this particular essential oil, approved by the Indian government for exporting, harvested under strict regulations, produced from older trees, and considered the best sandalwood in the world.

One small drop goes for hours. Woody, musky, creamy, nutty, rich, and long lasting.

Some Information About Sandalwood

There are 18 grades of sandalwood oil, ranging from the heartwood, chips, and dust. These grades refer to the part of the tree that was distilled, rather than the quality of the oil. The heartwood and large roots of the sandalwood tree are distilled to make an aromatic essential oil, rich in chemical components that lend to it's beautiful scent, and therapeutic value. It is only after thirty years of maturity does the sandalwood tree produce a superior oil.  

Main Therapeutics Constituents 

About 90% Santol - Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-fungal, anti microbial, anti-phlogistic (fever reducing), antiseptic, antispasmatic, astringent, emollient, sedative, tonic.

 Uses for the Body

Skin Care - Soothing, cooling, and moisturizing for acne, chapped, and dry skin. Always dilute appropriately. 

Nervous System - Depression, nervous tension, stress.

 Aromatherapy Energetics 

Actual and still. Cooling and moist. Considered the wood oil of choice for quieting mental chatter. 

9 ml, 4 ml, or 1 ml Sample Roll-On