YASMIN Natural Eau de Parfum Oil Roll-On

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A Natural Eau de Parfum

A beautiful and minimal perfume made with J. sambac from South Africa and India. 

YASMIN is made with a special Jasmine Enfleurage, an oil rich in freshly picked jasmine flowers slowly infused into a base of marula oil. It is then blended with a stellar Jasmine sambac from India. The scent is rich and complex, with elements of living fresh blooming jasmine at dawn.

YASMIN is perfect unto itself, and it can be layered with other perfumes.  

Jasmine’s intoxicating flowers open early in the morning and start loosing scent once their buds open. After the flowers are handpicked, they must be processed immediately while their essence is at its peak. One person can generally pick approximately 2.5 LBS of flowers over a two hour period.

The name Jasmine derives from the Persian word Yasmin, and it's rumored that Jasmine is the scent Cleopatra used to woo Mark Antony.

Historically Jasmine has been used for headaches, skin ailments, garlands, and as an aphrodisiac. 

Wear by itself, or layer with other perfume.

The nut base oil is South African Marula Oil. 

4 ml or 9 ml Roll-On