MONOI Gardenia Body Oil - Enfleurage Body Oil 3.52 oz net / 100 g


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Monoi is made by the process of enfleurage, the 2,000 year old art of infusing flowers into a base oil. Monoi is made by macerating fresh Tahitian tiare Gardenia tahitensis blossoms into coconut oil. The tiare flower buds and coconuts must be grown and processed on the soil of French Polynesia exclusively. An Appellation d'Origine (Guarantee of Origin) authenticates it's origin.

The Monoi I offer is replenishing, moisturizing, gentle on the skin, aromatic, and incredibly beautiful in it's raw pure form. 

*Please Note - Due to the nature of coconut oil, Monoi will liquify in warm weather and solidify in cooler temperatures.

Ingredients: French Polynesian coconut oil Cocos nucifera and tiare gardenia Gardenia tahitensis.