CALM BALANCE SMELLING SALTS - A brain-training olfactory tool 1 oz


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CALM BALANCE SMELLING SALTS for soothing anxiety and tension

Relax with slow deep inhalations of lavender, bergamot, camomile, and clary sage. The Clam Balance Smelling Salts are used as a tool to relieve pent up tension and sooth nervousness.

Keep them in your car, on your bedside, throw them into your bag while you travel.

Not meant for the body, bath, or face - 1oz net wt / 28 g - Use within six month after opening

Ingredients: Mediterranean Sea Salt, Organic Lavandela angustifolia, Chamaemelum nobile, Organic Citrus bergamia, Organic Salvia sclarea, and menthol crystals.