ORIGINAL THREE SMELLING SALTS - an aromatherapy trio


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ORIGINAL THREE SMELLING SALTS - an aromatherapy trio

Used repeatedly with the same intention over time, your scent memory triggers and associates specific scents with feelings and memory

1. CALM BALANCE SMELLING SALTS for soothing stress and tension

Relax with slow deep inhalations of lavender, bergamot, camomile, and clary sage. The Clam Balance Smelling Salts are used as a tool to relieve pent up tension and sooth nervousness.

2. MENTAL CLARITY SMELLING SALTS for clarity and mental fatigue

Restore mental clarity with a few mind waking inhalations of rosemary, frankincense, and ginger.  The Mental Clarity Smelling Salts are used as a tool for waking-up, studying, clearing the respiratory, or an afternoon second wind. 

3. TAKE 5 SMELLING SALTS An olfactory brain-training tool for meditation and repose

Where your brain registers scent, it also logs in memory, emotions, and response.

TAKE 5 is an olfactory brain training tool, used to jump start one into quiet reflection. Used repeatedly with the same intention, and over time your scent memory will trigger and associate TAKE 5 with meditation and repose.

 Please refer to individual Smelling Salt profiles for ingredients - Not meant for the body, bath, or face - 1oz net wt / 28 g - Use within six month after opening