TAKE 5 SMELLING SALTS - A brain-training olfactory tool 1 oz


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TAKE 5 SMELLING SALTS An olfactory brain-training tool for meditation and repose

TAKE 5 is an olfactory brain-training tool, used to jump start one into quiet reflection. Used repeatedly with the same intention, and over time your scent memory will trigger and associate TAKE 5 with meditation and repose.

Directions: Breath in deeply and feel the soothing resinous scent of frankincense, elemi, and chamomile.

Not meant for the body, bath, or face - 1oz net wt / 28 g - Use within six month after opening

Ingredients: Mediterranean Sea Salt, Boswelia carterri, Salvia sclarea, Anthemis nobilis, Canarium luzonicum, menthol crystals.