Some Questions Answered

Is your skin care 100% natural?

Yes. The skin care is made only with botanical ingredients which include incredible Organic nut and seed oils, butters, hydrosol’s, clays, resins, and essential oils from sustainable resources.

Do you test on animals or were any of the ingredients you use tested on animals?

Absolutely not! I’m an animal lover and advocate. All my products are carefully tested on family and friends, and long time client-friends who have extremely high standards.

Where do your materials comes from?

I purchase locally in the US when possible, I scour the world for the best ingredients indigenous to their areas, and I purchase directly when achievable. Although I wish I could purchase all American ingredients, some raw ingredients only grow and process in particular areas of the world. Frankincense and myrrh are perfect examples. Frankincense and Myrrh cannot be farmed, are only Wild Harvested, and they are extracted from trees that only grow in limited areas of the Middle East, East Asia, and North Africa.

Are your ingredients “therapeutic grade”?

The term “therapeutic grade” is a term coined as a marketing tool and copied by other brands to validate a product. In the industry of purchasing raw ingredients, which include essential oils, materials are Organic, Wild Harvested, or Conventional. The quality of a cosmetic product is dictated by these factors plus how your product was crafted, stored, the particular synergistic ingredients, and how you apply it to your body. So yes! The Persephenie products are Therapeutic Grade, but please understand it’s because of my wonderful ingredients and extreme care in formulation and production.

Why doesn’t your natural incense have a strong scent when unburned?

The incense I formulate and offer is made with woods, spices, resins, barks, seeds, and more. Just like your spice shelves at home, or trees in a forest, some natural materials are only faint or moderately scented until you extract their scent molecules (example distilling for essential oils) or burn them. Igniting botanical incense releases it's scent.

What is a natural perfume?

A natural perfume is perfume made from aromatic material from the natural world which includes woods, flowers, spices, and more extracted in the form of essential oils, absolutes, CO2’s, and infusions.

Where are your products made?

Most of the Persephenie products are made in my Los Angeles studio, minus the 1970's incense. 

What is the shelf life of your skin care?

I don’t like heavy synthetic preservatives. The preservatives I use are natural, not as strong and long lasting as the synthetic ones, but that also means they don’t hang in the environment for a long time and cause skin irritation. The creams have a six month shelf life, and the oils, salve, and hydrosol spray last up to one year.