Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m a creative with interests in art, design, and the olfactory.

I specialize in perfumery and incense with expertise on natural materials.

I opened my aromatic studio in 2004, and I've been teaching scent related classes since 2006.

Inspired by aromatic history and antiquated approaches, I enjoy researching recipes from different cultures, reinterpreting them, and using stellar raw materials.

I'm influenced by Medieval Middle Eastern perfumery, California Health and Well Being, the West Coast Natural Perfumery movement, and Traditional Indian Attar manufacturing in Kanauj, India. My perfumes are transportive, earthy, complex, strongly characteristic, with a high ratio of precious natural materials from different parts of the world.

I think of my studio as a scent treasury, with attributes of the old world, a place to satiate olfactory wanderlust, where I can create and share what I make using stellar, coveted, and rare materials.