Natural Perfume Tips


Get Samples & Try It On 

Not on a scent blotter, not sniffing from the bottle, and not on some one else’s body. Try the natural perfume on your own skin and see what happens.

Give The Perfume a 5-10 second Rule

After application count 5 -10 seconds. Think of it as an act in patience. Let it open, let it unfold, let the alcohol dry out, let the oil absorb and settle in your skin, and then say hello, and breath it in.

Use It As A Ritual 

Oils from the natural world are volatile - first they’re bright, they tell a story, they fade, and then they need to be re-applied. Ritualize the act of self-care-perfuming. 

Get Intimate

Natural perfumes are personal, and unless you pour it on, natural perfumes generally don’t holler to the person standing in the same room with you. Enjoy your personal experience, and enjoy it’s intimacy with friends.

Connect and Travel The World

These are authentic honest odors your smelling. Real and true, from all over the world growing in the wettest, driest, remotest, farmed, and wild regions of this planet. Connect and travel through olfaction.

Note Their Healing Affect

Scent medicine, aromatherapy, healing through olfaction; it’s all there. When a natural perfume works for you, it’s scent intelligence connects with your body and brain chemistry, and it has the ability to uplift your spirits, make you feel sexy, stir memories, open your heart, ground your flying mind, and help you feel connected.