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A Botanical Eau de Parfum

A nod to ancient India, Sun Gods, and the symbolism of Emerald stones

(truth, eloquence, and Love).

RAJASTHAN is bright peacock green, containing a very specific vetiver root growing only in the Northern dry and incredibly hot deserts of India, as well as the rare and coveted  luscious and fruity Rose Bourbon, also from India.

RAJASTHAN is grassy, fruity, and rosy, drying down to earthy roots and soft suede.

Inspired by antiquated courts of the Maharaja; lush, colorful, and aromatic, and by the beauty and details of an era bygone.

RAJASTHAN is an oil based perfume, containing a generous ratio of aromatics.

Although ritual reapplication throughout the day with natural perfumes is always recommended,

you may be pleasantly surprised with

RAJASTHAN EAU DE PARFUM's longevity on the skin.

4 ml