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Traditional & Authentic Indian Attar

Undiluted & Botanical

The Jasmine Sandalwood Attar is pure undiluted oil crafted in the traditional manner of Jasmine J. sambac flowers distilled into Mysore Sandalwood. 

Jasmine flowers open early in the morning, emanating their peak scent intensity. After the jasmine buds opens they start loosing scent. It is with swift delicate hands the flowers are handpicked, carefully not bruising and disrupting their wonderful aromatic chemical structure. 

Using a specific ancient process of manufacturing, Traditional Indian Sandalwood Attars are not just drops of different oils combined. They are the hydro-distillation of flowers, seeds, woods, mosses, and spices into sandalwood. This distillation process lasts for several days, and then the Attar ages further for weeks.

Long lasting on the skin, therefore only a small amount is needed. 

Concentrated 4 ml

Sample HERE.