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The CHAMPA HALMADDI is a champa 'type' Indian incense, using Halmaddi, a rare aromatic tree resin traditionally used in champa stick incense. Halmaddi acts as a humectant and binder, sealing in aroma so the sticks don’t dry out or lose their scent intensity.
Using a coveted family recipe, first a batter is made. Halmaddi, herbs, sandalwood, fragrance, essential oils, jaggery, honey, and more are heated and stewed, until a strong aromatic dough is made. The warm dark paste is then hand formed individually onto bamboo sticks, and then rolled over scented black champaka flower.
The CHAMPA HALMADDI is made by a fourth generation family of incense makers in South India.  

The incense sticks are beautifully presented in a black hand-crafted box, using indigenous Nepalese paper, individually hot stamped in gold, with a Persephenie wax seal.

The CHAMPA HALMDDI incense sticks can be snuffed out partial-way, and relit as needed.

Each stick burns around an hour.

Hand-made by friends of Persephenie in India with proprietary perfume.

Each box contains 10 sticks