ROSE SANDALWOOD ATTAR Concentrated Aromatherapy Natural Perfume SOLD OUT


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A Pure, Undiluted, and Concentrated Roll-On Natural Parfum

In order to make this beautiful Rose Sandalwood Attar, roses are harvested after the monsoon rains. It takes approximately 2,000 petals to receive one drop of rose essential oil. The distillation process lasts up to 25 days, and the longer the process the deeper and more intense the scent of rose.

Using a specific ancient process of manufacturing, traditional sandalwood attars are not simple blends of different oils. They are the hydro-distillation of flowers, seeds, woods, mosses, and spices into sandalwood. This process last for days as several distillations wash through sandalwood essential oil. The process of making and aging an attar can last from two weeks, to up to six months. Sandalwood acts as an excellent fixative, and therefore the sandalwood attars last on the skin. Only a small amount is needed.

The Rose Sandalwood Attar is pure essential oil crafted in the traditional manner of rose petals distilled into sandalwood, taking many days to process, and many more for the attar to mature. The Rose Sandalwood Attar is a natural perfume.

Wonderfully powerful and long lasting on the skin.

 9 ml, 4 ml or 1 ml Sample Roll-On