TUBEROSE VETIVER ATTAR Concentrated Aromatherapy Natural Perfume


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Concentrated Aromatherapy Natural Perfume 

The tuberose flower is picked immediately before the buds open. Tuberose's powerful fragrant flowers continue to exhale their perfume long after they’ve been picked. Tuberose is used for weddings in the South Pacific, as an aromatic offering for prayer in South East Asia, and as a symbol of love and beauty. The narcotic flowers are hydro-distilled into vetiver essential oil for the Tuberose Vetiver Attar.

Using a specific ancient process of manufacturing, sustainable vetiver attars are not simple blends of different oils. They are the hydro-distillation of flowers, seeds, woods, mosses, and spices into vetiver. This process last for days, and aging can last from two weeks, up to six months. Vetiver acts as an excellent fixative, and therefore the Vetiver Attars last on the skin. Only a tiny amount is needed.

Why Vetiver? Vetiver is a sustainable resource. The essential oil is extracted from the very long roots of the grass. Vetiver is easy to maintain, fast growing, doesn't need much water for H2O conservation, and it can be grown in a variety of temperate regions around the world. Besides its use in perfumery, vetiver prevents soil erosion and enhances water quality in irrigation. 

The Tuberose Vetiver Attar is an essential oil made in the traditional manner of attar crafting, in a base or South African marula oil. 

Wonderfully powerful and long lasting on the skin.

9 ml, 4 ml, or 1 ml Sample Roll-On