ROSE PASTE PARFUM - Unguent Natural Perfume - 15 grams


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Using botanical oil macerations, aromatic plant extractions, and raw dried ingredients, the paste perfumes are slowly stewed and pounded to create a rich and fine beautifully scented tactile perfume. The layers of ingredients are strategic, with each tier carefully complimenting the next. You may find bits of resin, ground up vanilla seeds, or small grains of wood, lending to it’s complex tenacity and closer to nature feel. These are labor intensive to make, inspired by ancient unguent perfumes, and made in limited batches.

The Rose Paste Parfum contains extractions of Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia, a tuberose and gardenia oil maceration, raw sandalwood, vanilla seeds, and more. 

The Rose Paste is contained in a limited number glass and lucite jar, in a cotton canvas bag. 15 grams