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A Botanical Paste Perfume 

A lush and tender Rose Paste Parfum containing a combination of macerations, essential oils, waxes, and tactile raw materials.

ROSE PASTE PERFUME smells like fresh blooming roses on an early dewy spring morning.

Notes include Rosa damascena, Rosa centifolia, South African Rose leaves, and macerated tuberose and gardenia.

Raw ingredients from ground sandalwood, powdered orange peel, and vanilla seeds scraped from the pod make this a dense tactile perfume.

Although formulated as a perfume, ROSE PASTE PARFUM can be rubbed on your heart tenderly for self Love.  

About my Unguent Natural Paste Perfumes:

Using botanical oil macerations, aromatic plant extractions, and raw dried ingredients, the paste perfumes are slowly stewed and pounded to create a rich and fine beautifully scented tactile perfume. The layers of ingredients are strategic, with each tier carefully complimenting the next. You may find bits of resin, ground up vanilla seeds, or tiny grains of wood, lending to a closer to nature earthy feel.

These are labor intensive to make, inspired by ancient unguent perfumes, and made in limited batches.

The ROSE PASTE PARFUM is contained in a glass and lucite container, made in Los Angeles, specifically for Persephenie.

Although ROSE PASTE Botanical Paste Perfume lasts on the skin, a re-application ritual throughout the day is recommended, as is for all natural perfumes.

15 grams 

Sample HERE.