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A Natural Eau de Parfum

Encountering natures beauty through the olfactory.

LOVE TAROT Eau de Parfum is about inner depth, self connection, and harmony with nature through flowers, woods, leaves, and spices.

LOVE TAROT is a love story; a multi layered complex parfum that asks the wearer to smell deep and pay attention to the many unfolding facets.

LOVE TAROT contains saffron, multiple spicy florals, including Jasmine and Kewda, a generous amount of Mysore Sandalwood, Onycha shell, Vetiver, and Aged Spikenard root.

LOVE TAROT is a dense oil based parfum, containing a high ratio of aromatics. One drop holds a lot of power. Although ritual reapplication throughout the day with natural perfumes is always recommended, LOVE TAROT Eau de Parfum may last for many hours. 

4 ml