CLIENT: Bodhi Tree
INSPIRATION: An updated and refined interpretation of the original Bohdi Tree’s store scent which included redwood bookshelves and the warmth and blast of the combined exotic incenses when you first entered the bookshop.  

INSPIRATION: Two conceptual perfumes representing strength, confidence, and individuality. Helmet Newton, the sexy 70’s, a Moroccan spice market, and the spirit of a well traveled, confident, and intelligent lady influenced these captivating perfumes.

CLIENT: Erbaviva
INSPIRATION: To create scents that were beneficial therapeutically, attractive, and completely natural. The Aromatherapeutic blends focused on oils with circulatory and lymphatic stimulating properties.

CLIENT: Firestone Sisters
INSPIRATION: A recollective scent embodying fond memories of the sisters adventurous travels, Northern California’s raw coastal woods, and a beloved family retreat on an isolated island off the East Coast.

CLIENT: Free People
INSPIRATION: Creating interesting, fun, and useful products that represented the Free People brand. Pink, the scent of rose, violet, lavender, and geranium inspired a vegetable dyed eye pillow filled with herbs, a violet and lavender Valentines sachet, a rose and saffron body oil, and hand poured rose geranium soap crusted in lavender flowers.  

CLIENT: Linda Sterling
INSPIRATION: To create scents for Linda’s exhibit at the Blum and Poe gallery. Sheer curtains that Linda created around her images were misted periodically. Another scent filled the projector room with roses complimenting her film.

CLIENT: Stark Waxing Studio
INSPIRATION: To create a therapeutically soothing, natural, and cooling post waxing oil used daily in their spa, as well as an all natural invigorating fresh signature scent for Starks boutique line of body care.

CLIENT: Hammer Museum
INSPIRATION: To create an aromatic installation called SCENT LAB in conjunction with Hammer's Scent Fair that was interactive, playful, and educational for children and adults based on scent, color, and classification.