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A Chypre Powder Incense Set


 CYPRUS Powder Incense is inspired by classical Chypre perfume, and the island Cyprus.

Made with fresh ground Oakmoss, Patchouli leaves, Lavender flowers, Labdanum, and Bergamot.

Cyprus Powder Incense smolders wood, moss, and herbs, with a hint of citrus and resin.

Directions: Add White Ash into a bowl.

Use the small gold spoon to place a scoop of CYPRUS Powder Incense on the ash, or create a trail as long as you like.

A small pile will burn for a few seconds, up to many minutes, depending on the size of your mound.

A long trail may burn for hours, or as long as your trail extends.


CYPRUS Powder Incense stay's lit once ignited.

Set Includes:

  • CYPRUS Chypre Powder Incense 85 grams
  • WHITE ASH 30 grams
  • One Gold Spoon